Elvoron HR

Elvoron HR – Description

Elvoron Home elevators are leaders in domestic lifts in Australia, offering the perfect residential lift solution to move you with comfort and ease from one level to another. Ideal for private or public buildings up to 4 stories high, these residential elevators and home lifts can be installed in most properties without complex modifications to the building structure. PR King and Sons supplies residential lifts in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth and has offices in each location from where we can arrange installation Australia wide. 

Elvoron home elevator lifts- the residential elevators created with your home in mind

Ideal lifts for home / residential purposes, commercial applications and handicapped access, Elvoron lifts lead the way in home lifts, Australia wide. Our residential lifts are manufactured to the highest standards and are non-invasive to install. Our home lifts are manufactured to suit the area available in your property, and these home elevators can be installed in spaces within a pre built shaft, or they can be supplied with their own enclosure, with sheet metal panels, glass or other cladding. Regardless of whether you need home lifts in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth and no matter the style of your residence, our domestic lifts offer the perfect home lift solution.

Elvoron home lifts – Australia’s choice for safety and peace of mind.

Elvoron elevators are home lifts developed using the latest technological innovations and built to technical specifications to guarantee both a long lifespan, as well as safe operation in normal and emergency situations. Our engineers use only electrical and mechanical components of the highest standard to ensure that our Elvoron elevators provide you with the peace of mind that your residential elevator is safe and reliable. The personal Elvoron elevators are the answer for comfortable residential lift needs.

The elevator stops level with the bottom floor thus a small pit is required. The recommended pit depth is 8″ (200mm) although shallower pit depths are feasible. At the upper landing, an overhead clearance of 92″ (2337mm) is required for our standard cab height of 84″ (2134mm). For taller custom built lift cab heights adjust your overhead accordingly.

Elvoron home and domestic lift installation:

We supply domestic wheelchair lifts in Brisbane, the GoldCoast, Sydney and Melbourne with offices in each location – P. R. King & Sons are proud to be able to supply and install our domestic lifts and home lifts, Australia wide. Please contact the head office in your state of residence to discuss our home lifts and the installation of a lift in your home further. If you are a resident of Tasmania or SA – please contact our Melbourne office.

Elvoron HR Vertical Lifts – Features

The Elvoron HR allows you to design your home lifts and elevators

1- Ceiling

The ceiling of the Elvoron HR home elevator is available in white melamine or in wood paneling styled to match the car walls. The ceiling is fitted with four low voltage recessed LED lights. These are also used for emergency lighting.

2- Finishes

Choose from a wide variety of melamine and wood factory finishes, including recessed and raised paneling. Or choose an unfinished car and have the domestic lifts interior custom built on site by a local cabinet maker.

3- Car Sizes

The car of the residential lift is available in three standard sizes. It is also available in custom sizes up to 1.6 square meeters. The car is available in two standard heights as well as custom heights.

4- Handrails

Handrails provide safety and styling. All Elvoron cars are equipped with one handrail. Additional handrails can be provided. Available in brushed stainless steel, brass, antique brass and custom wood finishes.

5- Flooring

The Elvoron HR is designed structurally to allow installation of ceramic tile, laminated or hardwood flooring to match your home decor. Due to the variety of colors and materials available, flooring will be supplied locally by others.

6- Accordion Gate

All Elvoron HR lifts are equipped with solid accordion gates. The gates are electrically supervised to prevent the elevator from operating unless the gate is closed. The standard accordion gate is manually opened and closed by the passenger. It can be equipped with an optional power gate operator. Available in wood and acrylic panels. Acrylic panels are framed in brass, antique brass or silver finishes.

7- Car Operating Panel

The car operating panel includes floor selection buttons, a digital floor display, emergency stop switch and an optional integrated telephone. Available in brushed stainless steel, brass and antique brass finishes.

Wall & Ceiling Finishes  

Your elevator will become a key feature of your home. Interior design and finish are an important consideration. We offer you a couple of approaches so that your lift suits your residential setting. You can have our cabinet makers build you a beautiful domestic lift interior from a variety of materials, finishes and panel styles, or you can have your own builder or cabinet maker finish the elevator to match your home cabinetry. In this case you simply order an unfinished car.

 Custom Car Designs

Should you have something more unique in mind, Garaventa will design and build you the elevator car of your dreams. • Walls and ceilings made of exotic wood species. • Intricate cabinetry detailing – just show us what you want. • Add a mirror to create a larger interior feeling. • Think modern – use a contemporary panel style and color. • Glass elevator cars – see and be seen. • Custom controls, railings and fixtures

Elvoron HR Vertical Lifts – Optional Features

A variety of optional features and finishes allow extensive customization of the Elvoron HR home elevators. A selection of popular optional features is listed below.  

  • Custom elevator cars – In addition to the optional features and finishes listed here, Garaventa Lift can build completely customized cars, including use of exotic woods, glass, steel and other materials. 
  • Basic cab panels can be upgraded to a variety of wood species that can be further enhanced with recessed and raised panel styling.
  • Residential Lift Cars can be custom built virtually any size up to a maximum of 1.6 square meters.
  • Increase the cab height to 96″ or select a custom height anywhere from 80″–96″.
  • A hands free emergency telephone can be integrated into the car operating panel or can be installed in a separate telephone cabinet. Installation of a telephone is highly recommended.
  • A power gate operator will automatically open and close the car accordion gate making elevator operation much easier for those in wheelchairs or using other assistive mobility devices.
  • Similarly, a power operator can be installed on the hoistway swing doors.
  • Additional handrails in the car add style and passenger security.
  • Customize the buttons on your car operating panel to letters denoting certain floors rather than using numbers.
  • Keyed operation can be used to restrict operation to adults or to control access to certain floors
  • Capacity of all residential lifts can be increased from 750 lbs to 1,000 lbs.
  • Locate the drive system and controller in a more remote location should space adjacent to the hoistway not be available.
Elvoron HR


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