Modern Lift For The Flooring Specialists

Carpet Call, Victoria

The Brief

The head office of Australian flooring specialists, Carpet Call, were being built. The architect involved specified a Symbio lift be installed. The interior was designed to be easy clean and scratch resistant.

The Specifics

Lift Type: Symbio Lift – MRL (motor room less, all equipment in the shaftway)

Travel Distance: 6.3 metres

Speed: 1 metre per second

Stops: Three stops

Load Capacity: 1000kg

Platform Size: 1125mm wide x 1400mm long

Finishes: Stainless steel ceiling with led tubes. Full height mirror.

Doors: 441 satin stainless steel premium centre opening.

Dimensions: 2100mm long x 1400mm wide (stretcher lift); door openings 1000mm x 2100mm; 1300mm deep pit and 3800 overhead


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