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Lifestyle Vertical Home Lifts

Lifestyle Lift – Description

The design team at P. R. King & Sons are proud to introduce the new Lifestyle Lift, a unique vertical home lift requiring minimal building work, quick and easy installation with a minimal impact on your home with no fixed shaftway required. This lift has a footprint size of 1142mm x 846mm and can comfortably carry two passengers from one floor to the next, leaving open space within the room when the lift car is in the other room.

Lifestyle Lift – Features

Safety Features

  • Fire protection between the upper and lower floors, whether the lift is parked upstairs or downstairs, to the requirements of BS5900:2012
  • Pressure sensitive safety surfaces stop the lift if obstructed from above or below
  • For added security, the lift cannot travel unless the door is closed and the door will not open when the lift is travelling
  • Battery backup allows you to return to the ground floor in safety in the event of a power failure
  • The lift can be manually lowered from within the lift cabin
  • Dimmed downlighting in lift cabin which will light up a darkened room when travelling from one floor to the next
  • A load capacity of 250kg

Optional Features

  • flush mounted stainless steel control console
  • remote control
  • fold up seat
  • curved hand rail
  • customised finish


You can customise almost every aspect of your lift, from the colour of the paint, the flooring, the type of lighting and the type of glass.

Key Dimensions

Slim and stylish, the Lifestyle Lift has a small footprint and will fit discretely almost anywhere in your home.

  • Max Travel: 3600mm
  • Max Load: 250kg
  • Max Stops: 2
  • Persons: 2
  • Run Speed: 0.06m/s
  • Max Openings: 1
  • Pit: N/A
  • Control: Automatic
  • Machine Cabinet (w)/(d)/(h): 384mm, 345mm, 667mm
  • Drive Mechanism:
    • Hydraulic
    • Singe Phase 13amp
    • Battery backup allows you to return to the ground floor in safety in the event of a power failure


Lifestyle Vertical Home Lifts Dimensions


Questions to ask when thinking of buying a Homelift

If you can’t find the information you are looking for, please contact us on 1300 775 464 or use the contact form here.

What is a Lifestyle through floor home lift?

This is a home lift that travels through the ceiling or floor to the level above or below, depending on the type of house you have. This type of lift does not require a lift shaft, which means when you do not need the lift, you can send it away to the next floor. This will give you your valuable living space back, unlike conventional fully enclosed lifts.

When you cut the opening (aperture) in the floor, will the natural fire protection be removed?

Yes, it will be. Your ceiling and floor combined will almost certainly have an in-built fire rating of approximately half an hour. However, this may not be the case with some very old properties. It is vital that you select a lift that can provide the same fire integrity you had before the aperture is cut. Some companies are not able to offer this. We can confirm that our Lifestyle lift has the required fire rating and has been tested and certificated by the independent Warrington Fire Research Centre.

Can I walk on the sealed floor area when the lift is down?

Yes, the sealed trapdoor has a load capacity of 250kg or 39 stone, so you will be perfectly safe walking over this area. Should the lift be travelling up when you are standing on the trapdoor, the lift will detect the load and will immediately stop. The lift cannot be called or sent again until the obstruction is removed.

What is the load capacity of a Lifestyle lift?

250Kg (39 stone). This is much higher than other through floor home lifts you may see on the market and is a reflection of the robust design and build quality of our Lifestyle lift.

How long have P. R. King & Sons been in business?

P. R. King Pty Ltd was founded in 1922 by Percy Robert King. Following their release from the armed services in WWII Percy’s two sons joined P. R. King Pty Ltd in 1946 with a proud father renaming the company P. R. King & Sons Pty Ltd. Since then the company continued its operation under third and now fourth generation King family members and remains 100% family owned.

I am not sure that I have enough space for a lifestyle lift. How will I know for sure?

We will arrange with you a convenient appointment date and send around one of our trained surveyors who will carry out a free no obligation survey for you. This will include looking at several possible locations for the lift and agreeing with you the most cost effective location which will meet your needs as the user of the lift.

How much does a Lifestyle lift cost?

The price can vary markedly, depending on the amount of preparatory work involved and the level of specification you require. We will discuss this with you once we have carried out a full and comprehensive survey and have understood your particular needs.

How much space is required for a Lifestyle lift?

The Lifestyle lift requires very little space indeed and can be installed snuggly in the corner of a room or close up to a wall. Footprint size can be misleading as some products have lift guides either side of the lift which means they can protrude markedly into your living and bedroom and be very unsightly. This detail needs to be fully understood before making such an important purchasing decision as it is obviously too late to change your mind once the lift has been installed.

Is the Lifestyle lift noisy?

The lift is hydraulic drive and the power pack unit that contains the motor is always located either in a basement or more usually outside the property, which means that the lift is whisper quiet and is actually quieter than lifts with drive motors that sit on top of the lift. The noise level is actually less than 70 decibels which is similar to a dishwasher sound. To check this out, please assess this important claim for yourself by viewing actual customer installations.

Will I be fully protected when the lift is travelling between floors?

Yes, The Lifestyle lift is fully enclosed with a full height interlocked glass door protecting the user/s whilst travelling in the lift. Some companies may only provide a half height door. This means that that they will have to fit a full light curtain which will stop the lift if the light beams are broken. However, this would not prevent you from falling out of the lift should you faint and fall forward, so please consider this carefully when selecting your lift.

What happens if the power fails?

If the power fails due to a cut in the electricity supply, then there is a battery back-up which will enable the lift to travel down and for the door lock to open. If for some unlikely reason the battery back-up failed, there is a simple emergency lowering and release procedure which we will take you through during the handover and demonstration of the lift.

How do the lifts controls work?

The Lifestyle lift has simple to use one touch call and send buttons, similar to that of a conventional passenger lift. The landing call stations are wireless and operate the same way as the cabin control. The lack of hard wiring and trunking on your walls makes for a neat unobtrusive finish.

What other structural implications are there when installing a Lifestyle lift?

The Lifestyle lift does not require load bearing walls to fix to. In fact, we do not require fixing to a wall at all. We fix to the floor base, to the aperture ring and the ceiling on the first floor. This is not only aesthetically pleasing; it also alleviates the need to fix to a party wall which may back onto a next door neighbour.

Is GST applicable on a Lifestyle lift?

We have been given authority through a private ruling from the ATO to sell the Lifestyle Lifts as GST exempt due to the lift satisfying the requirements set out in sections 38 – 45 of the GST Act.


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