• Optimus Commercial Lift
  • Optimus Commercial Lift
  • Optimus

    Ideal for refurbishment projects in which a lift shaft already exists, the Optimus is a machine-room-less traction lift that can utilise the space of an existing lift shaft just as efficiently as a traditional hydraulic lift.


    Ideal for refurbishments using existing lift shaft

    The Optimus is ideal for building refurbishment and renovation projects. The machine room-less lift can utilise an existing lift shaft just as efficiently as a hydraulic lift, making optimal use of the shaft and allowing the largest possible car size.

    Optimal use of existing lift shafts

    A machine room-less lift with gearless propulsion, the Optimus only requires 300mm space on the side of the car frame. Further space-optimization is guaranteed by mounting guidance and counterweight rails in the same layer.


    Ability to have single, double and triple entrances. Ideal for buildings with adjacent entrances.

    Energy efficient

    A gearless lift uses very low power compared to its competitors and the Optimus is able to operate single-phase supply.

    Customisable features and finishes

    A range of finishes and optional features mean the Optimus can be fully customised to your needs.


    The Optimus can be installed with more limited pit depth and headroom clearance due to certificates that enable further measurement reductions.


    The Optimum lift has been extensively studied and safety tested by expert lift engineers in Australia and overseas for total peace of mind.

     Standard Dimensions

    • Standard headroom: 3600mm
    • Standard pit: 1200mm
    *Possibility of installing lift with smaller pit and headroom clearances within existing building.


    Technical Specs

    • Up to 25m travel
    • Speed 1.0 m/s
    • Rated Load: 1250kg
    • MRL traction
    • Internal and external applications


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    We had a very good experience with PR King and Sons … good value for money and a quality product.

    Everything happened on time, or even ahead of time! Everyone was very helpful [and] everything was clearly explained. Installation was done very competently by polite and efficient staff.

    After installation, use of the stairlift was clearly explained to its elderly users [and] we were kept informed of progress throughout the project.

    Martin W.
    Canberra, ACT