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    The Piccolo lift combines the benefits of a platform lift with the look and feel of a traditional passenger lift. Boasting a contemporary, slimline design, it is ideal for private and public low-rise buildings where space is limited.


    Space saving option

    A compact shaft size and choice of car sizes make the Piccolo lift an affordable solution for low-rise public buildings where space is limited. The Piccolo is also suitable for residential applications. If you’re a homeowner wanting to find out more about the Piccolo lift, click here.

    Wheelchair friendly with large car

    As well as holding up to five people at a time, the Piccolo is able to accommodate wheelchairs.

    Faster installation

    The Piccolo requires far less building work than a traditional vertical lift and installation is generally far quicker.

    Innovative alternative to a traditional platform lift

    While the Piccolo looks and feels like a traditional passenger lift, it only requires a low pit and headroom space, much like a platform lift.

    Fully customisable

    The Piccolo offers a range of finishes and additional features, meaning the lift can be customised to suit your needs.

    Enclosure options

    The Piccolo can be installed using the traditional wall-mounted configuration or the unique FX structure option, which offers reduced construction costs. The FX structure is ideal for timber-framed buildings and when walls aren’t strong enough to support a wall mounted lift.

    Automatic sliding doors & user-friendly controls

    Fully automatic sliding doors and intuitive cabin controls for intuitive use.


    Extensively tested

    The Piccolo lift has been extensively studied and safety tested, so users can travel with total peace of mind. It meets all Australian standards and safety lift requirements.

    Manual lowering of the cabin

    Two manual safety valves allow the cabin to be manually lowered to the bottom entrance even during a power failure.

    Emergency backup supply

    A battery backup supply ensures a light stays on during any mains power failure. If power failure occurs whilst the lift is travelling the lift will stop, the passenger is able to send the lift to the next floor down to exit the lift.

    Door safety edge

    A full door height infra-red electronic safety detection device automatically re-opens the doors if it detects a person or an obstruction whilst closing. The doors will remain open until the obstruction or person is removed from the detection area.


    The two-way intercom allows the user to connect with someone within the building in the event of an emergency.

    Fire alarm shut down

    The optional fire alarm shutdown function means that, in the event of a fire alarm, the lift will automatically travel to a designated floor, all calls will be disabled and the lift will park with doors open.

    Optional auto-dialler

    When the alarm push button is pressed in the cabin the auto-dialler will automatically phone out to the programmed emergency numbers.


    Security key switches

    Key switches allow users to isolate the associated controls.

    Technical Specs

    • Up to 12m travel
    • Speed: 0.15 m/s
    • Rated Load: 400kg
    • Hydraulic drive
    • Internal and external applications

    We wish to convey our thanks for the friendly, professional and helpful manner in which both the quotation and subsequent installation were carried out. The installation team were exceptional in their customer service, professional attitude and clarity. They reflected well on your company.

    Les & Marjory C.
    Avalon Beach, NSW