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    The Tyalgum lift is an expertly-engineered vertical lift designed specifically for residential and low-traffic areas.
    The home lift has been built to offer more space, total safety, and comfort, and can be fully customised to suit your home lift and access needs and your décor.


    Optimisation of space

    Enjoy a roomier, more comfortable ride. The Tyalgum lift car uses up to 70% of the lift shaft, making for a more spacious interior.

    Customisable to your needs

    Choose from a wide range of models and finishes and create a lift that meets your specific needs and fits in seamlessly with your home’s aesthetics.

    Cost and energy efficient

    The Tyalgum lift is inexpensive to run with most not seeing an increase in electricity consumption once the lift has been installed.


    Minimal pit and headroom requirements mean site preparation and installation is far easier and less intrusive on the surrounding areas.


    The Tyalgum can be housed within its own enclosure, internally or externally, where a lift shaft cannot be provided.


    Fully compliant with Australian Standards

    We know how important safety is to you and your family. The Tyalgum lift has been extensively studied and tested by expert lift engineers to guarantee total safety for you and your loved ones. It adheres to Australian Standards AS 1735 for passenger lifts in a private residence and meets safety lift requirements as per European Standards 81.41.

    Emergency backup system
    A lowering system that makes it possible to evacuate people in the event of a power failure.

    Instantaneous safety gear system
    A certified device that instantaneously triggers in the case of breakage of one of the two ropes, ensuring user’s safety.

    Auto levelling system
    Avoids height differences between car and landing floors.

    Safety gear valve
    Hydraulic equipment is provided with a certified valve, acting instantaneously in case of leak or breakage of the hydraulic circuit.

    Overload pressure switch
    A pneumatic pressure switch with an acoustic buzzer prohibits the lift from moving if it’s ever overloaded.

    Safety with car doors
    With automatic car and landing doors, a photocell protects the user from being hit by the door.

    Safety without car doors
    A light curtain protects the car entrance, stopping its movement if it detects an obstacle in the working zone.

    Standard Dimensions

    Minimum headroom: 2300mm (lift car is supplied without doors for this headroom)

    Minimum pit: 100mm for up to 385kg capacity; 200mm for up to 500kg capacity

    Technical Specs

    • Up to 12m travel
    • Speed 0.3 m/s
    • Rated load: 500kg
    • Roped Hydraulic
    • Internal and external applications


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