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    Twin Rail Inclinator™

    Capable of carrying up to 10 passengers (or 680kg), the Twin Rail Inclinator is the perfect solution for commercial or residential applications requiring a higher level of carriage customisation, load carrying capacity and true wheelchair access.


    Ideal for commercial and private applications

    The Twin Rail Inclinator™ can carry up to 10 people at once, making it ideal for larger residential apartments, resorts, golf clubs, tourist attractions, public transport areas, and other high-traffic areas on a steep site. It is BCA compliant and meets all required Australian standards.

    Ideal for larger loads

    The Twin Rail is ideal for heavier loads. Travelling on twin steel “I-beams” to manage larger loads up to 680kg.

    Automatic stopping

    The Twin-Rail Inclinator has the automatic stopping abilities for multiple levels.

    Custom built

    The inclinator is custom-made in our factory to suit your specific site, while the inclinator car features and finishes can be fully customised to your needs.

    Australian designed and made

    Designed and manufactured in Australia by P. R. King & Sons.


    Concrete foundations and treated steel rails ensure strength and longevity.

    Building assistance

    When building on a steep site, the Inclinator can acts as the “workhorse”. Materials, tools or rubbish be easily moved.

    Smooth operation

    Push button controls from each landing and in the car combined with a variable speed drive ensure a smooth ride. The Inclinator can also be stopped and reversed as desired.


    Fully compliant

    The Twin-Rail Inclinator is built to Australian Standards AS1735 Part 8 for inclined lifts and approved by all lift authorities in Australia. It is BCA compliant.

    Technical Specs

    • Up to 120m travel in a straight line
    • Speed 0.4 m/s
    • Rated load: 680kg
    • Max. passengers: 10
    • Max. angle: 45°
    • Platform size: 1200mm x 1800mm
    • BCA Compliant



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