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    We believe a lift should go beyond the functional to become a seamless part of a more rewarding life. To us, that means making it simple to use, absolutely safe and elegantly appointed.

    This ‘through the floor’ Nano Home Lift range requires much less space than a conventional lift. There is no shaft or structure required and the footprint of the lift is so compact that it can be placed almost anywhere in your home. 

    Our range of Nano lifts come in three packages; the Nano S, Nano M and Nano L. The main difference between the packages is the footprint size.

    Nano S

    The Nano S is the smallest footprint and can carry 2 people up to 250kg. This stylish lift has been designed by our team of experts to make your life easier. It will future proof your home so you don’t have to worry about the emotional stress and upheaval of moving house if the stairs become too much.

    Nano M & L

    The Nano M is made to carry a wheelchair and the Nano L can carry a wheelchair and an assistant up to 325kg.


     Enjoy movement without sacrificing on space

    We know how important space is in your home. The three Nano models are designed to minimise the external footprint and maximise the internal space. As the lift moves to the other floor, it vacates the space it was in. The lift can be sent back to the floor below, leaving a feeling of space in the room.


    Adjustable wireless controls come as standard in the cabin and on both floors. A simple push of the button sends the lift up. The controls can be positioned to suit your needs. The powered door provides easy access and exit.

    Emergency power

    If there is a power cut to your property, the battery backup and the manual lowering system operated from inside or outside the lift cabin will enable you to travel down to the ground floor. In addition, we recommend installing a telephone inside the lift.

    Nono M & L is suitable for wheelchairs

    Terry Lifts designed the Nano standard model in collaboration with customers to meet the requirements of a sole wheelchair user and the longer-wider model to accommodate an accompanying attendant. The compact model has a spacious cabin for one person seated or two people standing.

    Smooth and quite 

    The hydraulic pump powers the ‘Quiet Glide System’ providing very smooth, vibration free travel. Such a smooth ride would not be possible with a rope drive.

    Fire Safety

    The Nano is fire and smoke test certificated by an approved and accredited test laboratory, together with Notified Body certification concerning compliance with BS5900:2012 in relation to through floor lifts. This covers fire safety for the Harmony FE Lift in both the lower and upper position.


    The Nano has been extensively tested by leading lift manufacturers and compliance offices so that you and your loved ones can travel in your home with complete peace of mind.

    Fully compliant

    The lift meets all required Australian lift standards and safety requirements. Complies with the 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive (CE mark)

    Pressure sensitive surfaces and safe edges

    Pressure sensitive safety surfaces stop the lift if it is obstructed from above or below.

    Emergency backup supply

    A battery back-up supply ensures a light stays on during any mains power failure. If power failure occurs whilst the lift is travelling the lift will stop and the passenger can send the lift to the next floor down to exit.

    Fully enclosed

    The cabin is fully enclosed providing you with additional protection and peace of mind

    Two-way intercom communication system

    The intercom allows the user to connect with someone within the building in the event of an emergency.

    Fire alarm shut down

    Smoke/heat alarms provided on both floors helping to ensure your safety and a 30-minute fire and smoke integrity maintained between floors.

    Fully automatic controls for intuitive use

    Notification of floor level and travel direction with optional joystick control and hand held remote control.

    Technical Specs

    • Up to 3.6m travel
    • Speed: 0.06 m/s
    • Rated Load: 325kg
    • Hydraulic drive
    • Internal applications


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    P.R.King & Sons Melbourne provided prompt and professional service in the removal of a Stannah Stairlift – which needed to be removed within a few hours.
    The Stairlift was originally installed in my grandparents house, and worked well for many years, allowing my grandparents to stay in their family home for many years without having to worry about the stairs.
    Jeremy H.