This BCA compliant inclined platform lift provides wheelchair access up to seven landings on straight, curved or radiating stairs.


Wheelchair access made easy

The Artira provides easy transport for people in wheelchairs, with the ability to travel up to seven flights of stairs. Add the optional folding seat and people who have difficulty climbing stairs can also use the artira.

Program platform to building’s stairway

The programmable configuration controller (pcc™) allows the Artira to be customised to specific stairways. This includes slowing at corners and landings, automatic folding, building fire alarm integration and many more capabilities.

Intuitive design

Operated by a computer-based lift control system, the call stations intuitively guide users through the operating sequence by illuminating the appropriate button to push.

Automatic folding

With fully automated fold and unfold functions, users simply need to push the call station buttons to commence and complete travel.

Ultra-quiet drive system

The Artira’s “ultra-quiet drive” mutes the motor’s sound. Users will hear the quiet hum of the inverter fan, which is no louder than a computer.

Smooth operation

The Artira reduces the speed of travel by 50% prior to reaching corners and is programmed to slow the platform travel speed when approaching or departing the landings.

Customisable finishes

As standard, the Artira is finished in a durable polyester powder paint coating and a classic satin grey. Customised finishes are available.

Multiple operation options

This inclined platform lift can be operated independently or by an attendant with an attendant remote control.

With its remote drive system, the Artira has the most compact folded platform in the industry, leaving maximum clear space on the stairs and landings. When folded, the Artira’s platform conceals and protects the folded safety arms and platform controls.


Fully compliant

The Artira platform lift is bca compliant, making it suitable for many commercial applications, including hospitals, schools, churches, train stations, offices, theatres, aged care facilities, and more.

Obstruction sensors

Under platform, bi-directional and leading sensors automatically stop the lift if the platform encounters an obstruction.

Curved safety arms

Fully automatic curved safety arms provide additional security without encroaching on the platform size. Located above and around the platform perimeter for maximum usable space, Artira’s safety arm design accommodates even large wheelchairs. The Artira’s safety arms have fully automated operation and sophisticated electronic obstruction sensing.

Pedestrian safety lights

Illuminated tube lighting at the base of the ramps visually alerts pedestrians of the platform’s location during travel.

Emergency stop button

A large emergency button will immediately stop the lift when pushed.

Overspeed safety

Mechanical overspeed sensor and brake, with electrical drive cut-out protection.

Available platform sizes
  • 700mm x 750mm
  • 800mm x 900mm
  • 800mm x 1000mm
  • 800mm x 1250mm
  • 810mm x 1250mm (BCA compliant)

Technical Specs

  • BCA compliant
  • Straight or curved stairs
  • Speed 0.1 m/s
  • Rated load: 300kg
  • Roped sprocket drive
  • Internal and external applications



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P.R.King & Sons Melbourne provided prompt and professional service in the removal of a Stannah Stairlift – which needed to be removed within a few hours.
The Stairlift was originally installed in my grandparents house, and worked well for many years, allowing my grandparents to stay in their family home for many years without having to worry about the stairs.
Jeremy H.