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    Need a Stairlift?

    Stairs shouldn’t be a burden nor should they force you out of the home you love.

    Stannah Stairlifts get you moving freely up and down your stairs and can be installed in one day.

  • All the information you need to know, packages and brochures – including price guides – can be quickly downloaded below.

    Simply click on they type of staircase you need to put the stairlift on – indoor curved, indoor straight or outdoor straight – and answer a couple of questions. That’s it! It takes 30 seconds.


    Why chose us for your Stairlift?

    P. R. King & Sons have been manufacturing and installing stairlifts for over 40 years and we have partnered with Stannah to design the perfect stairlift for Australian conditions.
    The packages presented are carefully chosen to make your purchase simple and straightforward.
    P. R. King & Sons and Stannah are both family run companies with a combined history and experience of over 250 years. Our aligned values of design innovation, engineering excellence and first class service means you are in the best hands when choosing, purchasing and servicing your stairlift.
    P. R. King & Sons understands that your purchase of a stairlift is an investment in your quality of life. We partner with Stannah because we believe our customers deserve the best value over the life of the stairlift from design and manufacture to installation and service.
    We are still servicing Stannah stairlifts installed 20 years ago. If you’re looking to stay in your home for the long term, Stannah and P. R. King &a Sons will be with you all the way.
    Please choose which type of stairlift you need; a straight, curved or outdoor from the buttons.

    Benefits of a Stairlift

    • Rediscover your independence without moving from the home you love.
    • A stairlift allows you to travel up and down the stairs safely and easily.
    • Suitable for nearly all staircases – models available for straight or curved, narrow or wide, indoors or outdoors.
    • Customisable to suit your décor and personal tastes. From the chair’s upholstery to the rail colour, at P. R. King & Sons we want to help you create the perfect stairlift for your needs.
    • Quick and easy installation with no structural renovations required.
    • Extremely low running costs.
    • Stannah is the world’s leading expert in stairlift manufacturing.