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    The Outrigger Rail Inclinator™ offers wider platform sizes and an additional rail for increased stability. It’s suitable for residential and commercial sites and provides access for distances up to 120 up to 45 degrees in inclination.




    Increased stability

    The Outrigger offers greater stability and a smoother ride for passengers. This is achieved thanks to the addition of an innovative ‘outrigger’ C-channel rail running parallel to the main I-beam rail.

    Wider platform sizes

    The Outrigger has platform sizes up to 1000mm in width and 1300mm in length. Like the Single Rail, it is available in both 2 and 4 passenger models.

    Custom built

    Each Inclinator is custom-made in our factory to suit each specific site. You can also fully customise the Inclinator’s car features and finishes.

    Australian designed and made

    Designed and manufactured in Australia by P. R. King & Sons.


    Concrete foundations and treated steel rails ensure strength and longevity.

    Suitable for most spaces

    Ideal for single and multi-storey homes, and residential units.

    Save carrying loads

    When gardening or building on a terraced site, the Inclinator™ will prove to be an ideal “workhorse”. Materials, gardening tools or soil can be easily moved – even the basic “Inclinator” has 272 kg carrying capacity. If you plan to build on a steep site, ask your architect for an estimate of what you can save in material handling costs by installing an Inclinator™.

    Smooth, easy operation

    Push button controls from each landing and in the car combined with a variable speed drive gives the Inclinator™ a smooth ride and easy operation. It can be stopped and reversed as desired and the empty car can be called or sent from one level to another.


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    Fully compliant

    The Outrigger Rail Inclinator™  is built to Australian Standards AS1735 Part 8 for inclined lifts and is approved by all lift authorities in Australia.

    Safety features

    P. R. King & Sons has designed our Inclinator™ lifts with reliability, durability and safety in mind. The car moves on wheels that run between the upper and lower flanges of the racked rail. The main drive gear is in constant mesh with this rack and there is absolutely no danger of the car sliding down the rail. A brake motor, an automatic overspeed governor and a combined safety gear fitted to the Inclinator™ make this impossible.

    Technical Specs

    • Up to 120m travel in a straight line
    • Additional rail for extra stability
    • Speed 0.4 m/s
    • Rated load: 272kg
    • Max. passengers: 4
    • Max. angle: 45°
    • Platform size: 1000mm x 1300mm


    Is the Outrigger Rail Inclinator™ not quite right for your needs? 
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    We had a very good experience with PR King and Sons … good value for money and a quality product.

    Everything happened on time, or even ahead of time! Everyone was very helpful [and] everything was clearly explained. Installation was done very competently by polite and efficient staff.

    After installation, use of the stairlift was clearly explained to its elderly users [and] we were kept informed of progress throughout the project.

    Martin W.
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