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    Are you looking to install lifts, stairlifts, or any other accessibility equipment in Gold Coast? We are the right team for the job.

    The Queensland office was established in 2008, a result of widespread demand for quality commercial and home lifts in the area.

    Located on the sunny Gold Coast, our Queensland office is ideally positioned to assist customers in Queensland as well as the beautiful NSW North Coast and Northern Rivers region. The team also look after customers in Darwin and the majority of the Northern Territory.

    Queensland’s State Manager is Michelle Hutchinson.

    Elevators Gold Coast

    Gold Coast is home to Australia’s fourth-tallest building, the Q1. Tall buildings are a staple here, and so is height access equipment such as lifts. If you are looking to install world-class building access equipment in either residential or commercial access buildings, P.R. King is your #1 option.

    With a track record going back over 100 years, P.R. is one of Australia’s top providers of lift and special access solutions. Our office here in Gold Coast has been serving residents since 2008 after a demand for quality, reliable, and safe lift solutions.

    Home Lifts in Gold Coast

    Home lifts are no longer just about luxury or convenience. As residential buildings get taller, it makes sense to add a lift to improve accessibility and safety. A three-story home, for example, would be better off with a lift which makes access to the higher levels easier and more convenient.

    For those challenged with mobility, installing a lift in your home is a more cost-effective and convenient access solution than moving or otherwise fully converting your home. Residential stairlifts are more affordable than you might think – just check out the options available to start with.

    Residential lifts in Gold Coast houses will also add value to your home so that your equity or sale value improves greatly, usually even more than the installation cost. Whatever your reason, installing a home lift makes financial sense not to mention bumping up your luxury level.

    Commercial Lift Solutions in Gold Coast

    Commercial buildings almost always need lifts for access, egress, and safety reasons. These commercial lifts must be heavy-duty and very reliable to handle high traffic, continuous use, and the rough utilisation you would expert in public places.

    If you are looking to fit a commercial building or office with a lift here in Gold Coast, you need a company with a proven track record, reliable services, and the resources to do it. You need P.R. King & Son’s commercial lift solutions to get there where you need to be.

    Special Lift Solution in Gold Coast

    Thanks to the immense pool of technical expertise, experience, and available resources among the team at P.R. King & Son, we are the right people to talk about custom and specialised lift services in Gold Coast. Talk to us about:

    • Inclinator lifts – where steep terrain inhibits access to the beach, your cabin, your home, or any other place, an inclinator lift running on rails or cables will get you there.
    • Portable lifts – Portable lifts are small and light, which makes them very easy to move them from one place to another. You can literally move them in your can or along the floor where immediate or emergency access is required.
    • Platform lifts – think of these as “wheelchair lifts.” You can place them near existing stairs to provide wheelchair access without significant building modifications or costs.

    P.R. King deals with only the best equipment manufacturers and supplies in the world. We also offer maintenance and 24/7 customer care services to all our clients. We also offer servicing and repair of existing lifts. Send us an enquiry to learn more about this service.

    The staff at our Gold Coast office, located at 6/8-10 Centre View Drive, Biggera Waters QLD 4216, are ever ready to pay you a free no-commitment visit to discuss your needs. Simply fill out this contact form and we will be in touch to arrange the details.

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    What our customers say

    We required a chair lift due to my wife having broken her leg and we live in a townhouse with bed rooms upstairs. We contacted King’s who promptly came and gave us a quote. We were so impressed with Mike and the company. The stairs were measured up etc and we now have a great chair lift and more importantly my wife has her independence back.

    Mr & Mrs Downes
    Gold Coast
    Michelle Hutchinson

    Branch Manager


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    P. +61 7 5529 0573
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    Employee Interview: Michelle Hutchinson
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    NDIS Queensland

    Accessibility Grants


    The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is an independent statutory agency. Thir role is to implement the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), which will support a better life for hundreds of thousands of Australians with a significant and permanent disability and their families and carers.