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    Home Lifts

    At P. R. King & Sons, we help to make the luxury idea of having a lift in your home an achievable possibility.

    Whether you want to add a touch of modern luxury to a new build, make everyday chores a little easier, or require a safe alternative to the stairs in your home, you’ll find a suitable option in our home lift range.

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    Home Lifts

    P.R. King & Sons’ home lifts have been helping Australians with mobility problems stay in their homes without worrying about their safety. Our home lifts provide mobility-impaired with the accessibility they need to forget about their problems.

    Home lifts can be viewed either as practical or as luxury features, depending on what you need them for. Whatever your intentions are, installing domestic lifts is a great way to future-proof your home and make sure that it’s readily accessible to everyone, no matter the age.

    If you’re sharing your home with family members, compact lifts provide a great alternative to building additional stairways. P.R. King & Sons helps with domestic lifts, whether you’re installing them in a pre-existing residence or building a new one.

    Why Do People Install Home Lifts?

    In the past, home lifts were considered nothing more than a luxury. Things have changed drastically. As land size in Australia gets smaller and residential areas around the country get denser, more multi-level homes are being built. For some, home lifts are becoming a necessity.

    Who benefits from home lifts the most? For starters, families seeking peace of mind knowing the elder members of their households are comfortable and safe at all times. With a home lift in your residence, you can leave your grandparents home for a few hours without worrying sick.

    Contact P.R. King & Sons Today and Get Your Lift

    For almost a hundred years, P.R. King & Sons have helped the Australian people make their homes child-, disability-, and elderly-friendly. If you’re interested in home lifts or you simply want to ask some questions about stairlifts, commercial lifts, or residential elevators, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our store in your area.

    Benefits of Home Lifts

    • A home lift is a safe and practical choice that allows you to stay put and enjoy the home you love. Stairs should never be a struggle.
    • Easily transport heavy or awkward items between levels, such as shopping, washing, luggage, prams, or rubbish.
    • Safer travel for the family between levels, particularly young children, older relatives, or anyone with a disability or limited mobility.
    • Building or renovating your dream home? Future-proof your home and relax knowing you’ll be able to safely enjoy the home well into your retirement years.
    • Increase the resale value. A residential lift is a unique selling point that can make your home really stand out and add hundreds of thousands to the resale price.
    • Installing a lift in your home is generally more affordable than moving or renovating.
    Home Lift Products

      You cannot imagine the huge difference the lift has made to our lives and everyone who sees it is impressed not only at how beautifully it works but at how classy it looks! Thank you again.

      Amanda & Luke H.