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  • Genesis Vertical Platform Lift
  • Genesis Vertical Platform Lift
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    Genesis Vertical

    A cost-effective platform lift that travels up to four metres and meets the building code requirements of Australia.


    Enclosed or shaftway models

    The Genesis enclosure model is a complete, self-contained vertical platform lift while the shaftway model fits inside a vertical shaftway built by others.

    Customisable configuration

    The shaftway model can be completely enclosed, much like a lift shaftway, or it can be open at the upper landing, and a variety of doors and gates are available. The enclosure model is similar to the shaftway model except it includes its own prefabricated enclosure and integrated doors or gates. The enclosure can be built full height and fitted with a plexiglass dome for weather protection, or can be left open at the top.

    Customisable features

    The Genesis can be customised with a variety of optional features to suit the needs of the user and building owner. The wall panels, doors and gates can be designed from an extensive variety of colours and finishes.


    • BCA compliant
    • A manual emergency lowering system means the lift can be manually lowered in the event of a power failure.
    • Emergency stop switch
    • Door interlocks activate by the movement of the platform, the lock is monitored by the safety circuit to ensure the door or gate is properly locked.


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    Technical Specs

    • Up to 4m travel
    • Speed 0.08 m/s
    • Rated load: 340kg
    • Chained hydraulic drive
    • Internal and external applications
    • BCA compliant

    We had a very good experience with PR King and Sons … good value for money and a quality product.

    Everything happened on time, or even ahead of time! Everyone was very helpful [and] everything was clearly explained. Installation was done very competently by polite and efficient staff.

    After installation, use of the stairlift was clearly explained to its elderly users [and] we were kept informed of progress throughout the project.

    Martin W.
    Canberra, ACT