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5 of the Best Health Apps for Seniors

Play games, order your shopping, track commercial flights overhead, learn a new language … If you can think of it, there’s an app for it. Here we look at five

Nov 21, 2018
Overcoming Access Barriers with P. R. King & Sons

Overcoming Access Barriers In The Home

Speak to anyone with a disability or limited mobility and they will tell you that stairs are one of their biggest daily challenges, particularly if those stairs are in their

Oct 23, 2018
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Care Expo

2018 Care Expo in Brisbane

We are very excited to announce that we will be one of the 100+ businesses and organisations exhibiting at the 2018 Care Expo in Brisbane. The expo will be held

Sep 10, 2018
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Home Lift with door open

Home Lifts – What Are The Benefits?

Why have home lifts and residential elevators become so popular in recent years? We explore the rising trend. An increasing number of Aussie homeowners are choosing to install lifts in

Aug 29, 2018
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Stannah Stairlift - Solus 260

Stairlifts – A Buyer’s Guide

Adding a stairlift to your home can make a huge difference to the way you live and enjoy your life. The process of choosing one, however, can be overwhelming. We’ve

May 2, 2018

Understanding the NDIS

As a registered NDIS provider, P. R. King & Sons is committed to assisting Australians with a permanent disability, as well as those who care for them. Here we’ve outlined

Apr 30, 2018
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