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    Driven by dual battery-powered motors, and featuring a large platform that can accommodate most wheelchairs, the Super-Trac is able to climb 30 flights of stairs on a single charge.
    Please note this item is not available in NSW.


    Designed for motorised wheelchairs

    Large platform will accommodate virtually any wheelchair, including electric and sports chairs. Measurements are: 1453mm (l); 644mm (w); 903mm (h).

    Affordable, easier alternative

    The Super-Trac is an economical alternative to vertical lifts and custom designed wheelchair lifts. Plus, it requires no building renovations or installation permits.

    Easy to operate

    No exertion is required on the part of the operator who can simply guide the Super-Trac up or down the stairs. The Super-Trac is driven by two battery-powered motors; one that drives the lift and another that tilts it. This twin power means operators are able to manoeuvre the Super-Trac with little exertion and transfer people in wheelchairs with ease.


    Extra stability for peace of mind

    The wide track design provides excellent stability on the stairs.

    Useable in a power failure

    Because it is battery operated, the Super-Trac can still be used during a power failure and used for evacuation purposes during an emergency. The Super-Trac comes with a rechargeable battery and charger.

    Low maintenance

    Requires minimal maintenance compared to a vertical passenger lift or platform lift.

    An ideal backup solution for commercial buildings

    Building owners and building managers enjoy greater peace of mind knowing there is a back-up solution in the case of lift failure. The Super-Trac is also suitable for schools, hospitals, aged care facilities.

    Low impact

    No permanent impact on stairway width.

    Indoor and outdoor applications

    The Super-Tac is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

    Easy travel across all surfaces

    Auxiliary wheels allow easy travel across landings and between flights of stairs and the unique tread design grips all types 0f floor covering. Rubber tracks are steel reinforced to ensure strength and durability.

    Super-Trac Product


    Tie-down straps

    The wheelchair is secured using four adjustable tie-down straps.


    An electrically interlocked seat belt provides additional passenger security. The Super-Trac will not operate unless seatbelt is fastened.

    Parking brake

    Electrically activated parking brake ensures stability during boarding.

    Key switch

    The key switch prevents unauthorised use and allows for greater peace of mind.

    Technical Specs

    • Speed 6.5 m/min (up); 10.6 m/min (down)
    • Max. Stair Angle – 35° Max.
    • Rated load: 200kg
    • Unloaded weight: 135kg
    • Internal and external applications

    We wish to convey our thanks for the friendly, professional and helpful manner in which both the quotation and subsequent installation were carried out. The installation team were exceptional in their customer service, professional attitude and clarity. They reflected well on your company.

    Les & Marjory C.
    Avalon Beach, NSW