• Evacu-Trac in use on stairs
  • Evacu-Trac opened from back
  • Evacu-Trac folded up
  • Evacu-Trac folded down next to storage cupboard
  • Evacu-Trac close up
  • Evacu-Trac

    An easy-to-use emergency evacuation chair with patented safety features designed for the safe, efficient and easy evacuation for the mobility impaired.
    Please note this item is not available in NSW.


    Quick set-up

    Unfolds with one pull of the handle for quick and easy emergency evacuation.

    Minimal assistance required

    The Evacu-Trac has open sides designed specifically for easy transfer of a passenger from a wheelchair, with minimal assistance.

    Low handle height

    The open sides and low seating position of the Evacu-Trac allow for easy transfers for people in wheelchairs, with many passengers able to transfer themselves. The design also helps to expedite patient transfers in an emergency.

    Designed for safety

    Innovative design and patented braking system and speed governor allow a small attendant to easily evacuate a larger person safely and securely.

    Designed for comfort

    Comfortable seating position for passengers of various sizes, with good support for passenger’s head, back, hips, legs and feet.

    Suitable for all floor coverings

    Evacu-Trac glides down hallways on six auxiliary wheels. When the stairway is reached, rhw evacu-trac automatically lowers onto its rubber tracks for stairway descent. The durable tracks grip stairs securely, regardless of the stair construction material.

    Easy maintenance and storage

    The lightweight Evacu-Trac folds away for easy storage when not in use, is easy to clean, and requires little maintenance.


    Fail-safe brake

    The fail-safe braking system stops and holds the fully loaded Evacu-Trac anywhere on the stairs, even midway down, as well as acting as a parking brake on flat surfaces. The brake engages automatically, so if the operator ever takes their hands off the Evacu-Trac handle, the unit will come to a complete and immediate stop.

    Speed governor

    Passenger’s weight moves unit downstairs, while the speed governor controls descent speed.

    Velcro security straps for backup system

    Once the passenger is positioned in the Evacu-Trac, adjustable Velcro™ straps can be wrapped securely around the passenger’s chest, waist, and legs. The padded headrest and adjustable restraint strap allow for safe evacuation when head support must be maintained.

    Fire-retardant covering

    The Evacu-Trac’s sling seat is made of fire retardant fabric for greater peace of mind.

    Handles for additional stability
    Additional stability handles in place, which can be managed by a secondary operator to move passengers weighing more than 136kgs.


    Size Open

    • Length: 1303mm
    • Width: 425mm
    • Height: 820mm

    Size Folded

    • Length: 1106mm
    • Width: 425mm
    • Height: 270mm


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    Technical Specs

    • Speed 0.8 m/s
    • Rated load: 180kg
    • Closed weight: 24kg
    • Internal and external applications

    Every person we dealt with from PR King was reliable, thoughtful and courteous; we thought the price was very fair and your attention to us while we were deciding on the purchase of the Stannah was remarkable and very helpful.

    The chair lift has proven to be an extremely important factor in enabling our continued residence in our existing house.

    It is easy to use One of the things we are particularly impressed with is that it has so little impact visually our staircase. We are very happy with the stair lift and want to thank you sincerely for your input.

    Jennifer & Robert N.
    Paddington, NSW