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    Don’t let steep, uneven terrain stop you from getting around outside. Inclinator™ lifts have been specifically designed to allow for easy travel up and down steep inclines.

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    In 1952, Lindsay and Alex King were contacted by a friend that had lost a leg in WW2. He lived on a property in Vaucluse Sydney and was having trouble with the steep stairs. Being engineers, Lindsay and Alex came up with the concept of the ‘Inclinator’ based off the Swiss rack railways, to assist their friend get to his front door at home. The Inclinator™ has been made in our Marrickville factory ever since and is one of the only lifts still manufactured in Australia today.

    Our world-class Inclinator™ access lifts are built to Australian Standards AS1735 for inclined lifts and have been approved by all lift authorities in Australia.

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    Benefits of Inclinator™ Access Lifts

    • Safe and practical solution for travelling up and down steep blocks.
    • Allows you to continue moving around as you want with total independence and comfort.
    • Designed and built in Australia by P. R. King & Sons to the highest quality standards.
    • Concrete foundations and treated steel rails ensure strength and longevity.
    • Fully customisable finishes, features and car types.
    • Ideal for units, single and multi-storey homes, as well as public spaces such as parks, restaurants, golf clubs, hotels, boat clubs, and more.
    • In-built safety devices for peace of mind and reliability.
    • Smooth to ride and simple to operate.

    Inclinator™ Lift Products

      Having the inclinator means a lot to us; it means we can happily live on in this lovely house … secure in the knowledge that as we age & no doubt have difficulty navigating the stairs, that all will be well; our children & wider family are very admiring. It is such a neat and attractive solution.

      Jennifer and Robert N.