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  • Stair-Trac

    This portable wheelchair lift attaches underneath most standard manual wheelchairs, allowing an attendant to easily move a person in a wheelchair up and down stairs with the touch of a button.
    Please note this item is not available in NSW.


    Fully portable

    The Stair-Trac is a fully portable system and is able to fit into most medium and large car boots. This makes it ideal for excursions for school and community groups.

    Easy to store

    The support handle detaches allowing for compact storage when not in use.

    Minimal assistance required

    The Stair-Trac utilises battery power meaning attendants are able to control without exertion.

    Long-lasting battery

    The Stair-Trac has the capacity to travel up to 30 flights of stairs on a single charge.

    Useable in a power failure

    The Stair-Trac relies on battery power meaning it will still work during a power failure. This makes it ideal for emergency evacuations. Rechargeable batteries and charger are included with the Stair-Trac.

    Low handle height

    The open sides of the Stair-Trac are designed for easy transfer of a passenger from a wheelchair, with minimal assistance.

    Suitable for temporary use

    A suitable solution for people who have undergone hip or knee surgery with long-term recovery. Is also an ideal solution for short-term events like conferences and expos or other place where a stairlift or lift is not an option or an elevator is out of service. The Stair-Trac can be hired for special events and other occasions when non-permanent disability access is required (not available for hire in NSW).

    Useful backup device for public buildings

    Owners and building managers can enjoy peace of mind knowing a manual backup solution is available in the case of a lift breakdown or power failure.

    Designed for passenger and user comfort

    The user can ascend or descend stairs with the press of a button, while the passenger sits in a comfortable, upright position.


    Fail-safe brake

    Fail-safe brake allows the chair to be stopped anywhere at any time, even midway down a flight of stairs. As soon as the operator takes their hands off the evacu-trac handle, the unit comes to a complete stop.

    Key switch

    The Stair-Trac comes with a key switch for added security and peace of mind.

    Technical Specs

    • Speed up to 0.14 m/s
    • Rated load: 130kg
    • Power capacity: 650 stairs
    • Internal and external applications

    I needed a stairlift due to decreased mobility. [P. R. King & Sons] delivered good efficient service. I chose them because of quality and [because the team] was easy to deal with. I would recommend to friends. 5 stars. 

    Margaret B.
    Gold Coast, QLD