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Outdoor Staircase Stairlifts

Life is better when you have the energy to do the things you want to do, like enjoying a visit from the grandchildren or entertaining friends.
Our experience has taught us that the sooner a stairlift is installed, the sooner you will be able to start appreciating the things you love doing. So, just imagine how a stairlift could make your day-to-day life easier, safer and more enjoyable.

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More Space

Flip up the arms and the seat and footrest follow, folding flat to leave more space on your stairs.

Strong and stable

A slim strong rail is fitted to the stairs and not to the wall, even if it’s solid concrete, wood or metal.

Easier than a ramp

Quickly fastened to a few of the stair treads, the outdoor stairlift is easier to install than a ramp and takes up much less room.

Easy to Use

Swivel seat is operated by easy-to-use levers on either side of the stairlift, allowing you to gently turn the chair toward the upwards direction and be in the easiest position to dismount.

Easy to Control

Operated with a light touch, gently move the control in the direction you want to travel. They can be positioned on either left or right side, and are available as a joystick or push-button variations.


Removable link bars allows for easy wheelchair transfer.

Largest Choice

Choose from leather, vinyl and woven fabrics, all available in a range of colours.

Tough and long lasting

Specifically designed and manufactured to last in the great Aussie outdoors withstand heavy rain, salty sea-breezes and baking sun. The protective cover helps to keep it clean and dry when it’s not in use.

Always available

A self-charging battery powers the stairlift so it’s always ready to use, even in the event of a power cut. The battery charges automatically when the stairlift is parked.

Get our Outdoor Stairlift Price Guide and Brochure now. Simply click here.

Stannah celebrates its 150 years as a company. Watch who builds these stairlifts and the philosophy that drives them in the video below.


Stops automatically if it meets an obstruction

Safety edges ensure the stairlift stops gently but immediately if it encounters an obstruction on the stairs.


The retractable seatbelt can be easily fastened with one hand and ensures you’re fully secure in the chair.

Immobilisation keyswitch

The keyswitch can be used to completely immobilise the stairlift, particularly important if children are around.

Get our Outdoor Stairlift Price Guide and Brochure now. Simply click here.

Technical Specs

  • Outdoor applications
  • Straight Stairs
  • Rated load: 135kg

Get our Outdoor Stairlift Price Guide and Brochure now. Simply click here.

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We wish to convey our thanks for the friendly, professional and helpful manner in which both the quotation and subsequent installation were carried out. The installation team were exceptional in their customer service, professional attitude and clarity. They reflected well on your company.

Les & Marjory C.
Avalon Beach, NSW