• Curved Staircase Stairlifts

    Life is better when you have the energy to do the things you want to do, like enjoying a visit from the grandchildren or entertaining friends.
    Our experience has taught us that the sooner a stairlift is installed, the sooner you will be able to start appreciating the things you love doing. So, just imagine how a stairlift could make your day-to-day life easier, safer and more enjoyable.


    More Space

    Flip up the arms and the seat and footrest follow, folding flat to leave more space on your stairs.

    More Comfort

    Both arms on the sofia can be adjusted on installation to fit you. Comfortable, soft-touch arm tops.

    Easy to Use

    Use the levers, or optional automatic one or two-way swivel, to get off your stairlift in the safest position at the top or bottom of your stairs.

    Easy to Control

    Operated with a light touch, gently move the control in the direction you want to travel. The pod can also be used to lock the stairlift.


    Removable link bars allows for easy wheelchair transfer.

    Largest Choice

    Choose from leather, vinyl and woven fabrics, all available in a range of colours.

    Stannah celebrates its 150 years as a company. Watch who builds these stairlifts and the philosophy that drives them in the video below.


    Seat safety sensor

    Ensures your stairlift won’t move until you are safely settled into the chair.

    Safety edges

    Safety sensors around the base automatically detect obstructions on your stairs and bring your sofia to a safe stop.


    Easy-to-use seatbelt that can be fastened with one hand.

    Technical Specs

    • Indoor applications
    • Straight Stairs
    • Rated load: 135kg (120kg with powered hinge)


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    [The stairlift] offered me my choice of independence and freedom in my home following the hip replacement. The bonus is long term as it will enable me to stay in the locality of my choice, close to family and friends and amenities that suit my lifestyle as I progress through the ageing process. A big thank you to P R King and Sons!

    Peter B.
    Stirling, WA