• Small Home Lifts

    At P. R. King & Sons, we help to make the luxury idea of having a small lift in your home an achievable possibility.

    Whether you want to add a touch of modern luxury to a new build, make everyday chores a little easier, or require a safe alternative to the stairs in your home, you’ll find a suitable option in our small home lift range.

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    Small home lifts for any house

    Whether it is to make your house more accessible or just for that extra touch of comfort, home lifts are becoming more and more popular in Australia. Previously, commercial lifts needed a large space for a dedicated machine room, which can be impractical when looking for home lifts. As technology has advanced, small lifts have been developed, and now even portable lifts are feasible. When looking for small home lifts, P. R. King & Sons offer a wide range of stylish, compact domestic lifts in Australia.

    Perfectly sized for a retrofit

    A personal lift in your home might seem like the kind of thing only available to those who are building a new home, but that is not the case. Small home lifts can be added to almost any building, whether new or old.

    That isn’t to say that small lifts should be ignored if you are building a new home. Because they require such little space, small residential lifts in Australia are an excellent choice when you want that extra convenience in your new home without cutting your floor space. And as land becomes more expensive and multi-story buildings become more popular, small home lifts in Sydney become more appealing.

    Small lifts offer luxury and accessibility

    There are many reasons to consider adding a lift to your home. A common reason is to provide for those who have less mobility, and while stairlifts and platform lifts have been helping those who have used a wheelchair for decades, small home lifts in Sydney can offer a much more stylish way to ascend and descend different floors. Even for those who are fully mobile, small lifts can make life easier, such as when you need to transport heavy or awkward items up or downstairs.

    Excellent service during installation and after

    There is no point in buying the best small residential lift in Australia if the installation is carried out poorly or incorrectly. When you buy small lifts from P. R. King & Sons you can rest assured knowing that installation is carried out by fully qualified professionals who pride themselves on delivering the best service available in Australia.

    Our commitment to service extends beyond installation. Small lifts in Sydney or elsewhere in Australia require regular maintenance in order to work effectively and safely. P. R. King & Sons offer maintenance and service options so your lift is always in the best condition even if you didn’t buy the lift from us. Our team knows their way around lifts — we even make our own inclinator lifts right here in Marrickville — and our lift technicians follow the strictest safety checklists to ensure everything is working correctly.

    The best domestic lifts in Australia

    When looking for the best options for a small-sized lift to fit your home, there is no better place to start looking than at P. R. King & Sons. With a wide range of lifts from the best manufacturers in the world including Stannah, Terry, Garaventa and Raloe, along with our own inclinator models, we can help you no matter how small you need the lift to be. We understand that choosing small home lifts can be difficult, and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements, provide a free consultation, site assessments and no-obligation quote. Buying a lift from P. R. King & Sons is easy — use our lift finder to search through the options we have or get in touch.

    Benefits of Small Home Lifts

    • A small home lift is a safe and practical choice that allows you to stay put and enjoy the home you love. Stairs should never be a struggle.
    • Easily transport heavy or awkward items between levels, such as shopping, washing, luggage, prams, or rubbish.
    • Safer travel for the family between levels, particularly young children, older relatives, or anyone with a disability or limited mobility.
    • Building or renovating your dream home? Future-proof your home and relax knowing you’ll be able to safely enjoy the home well into your retirement years.
    • Increase the resale value. A residential lift is a unique selling point that can make your home really stand out and add hundreds of thousands to the resale price.
    • Installing a lift in your home is generally more affordable than moving or renovating.
    Small Home Lift Products

      You cannot imagine the huge difference the lift has made to our lives and everyone who sees it is impressed not only at how beautifully it works but at how classy it looks! Thank you again.