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    We specialise in the supply and installation of wheelchair platform lifts for commercial and residential spaces.

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    Wheelchair lifts for the home or office

    Wheelchair lifts are a type of platform lift specifically developed to make spaces more accessible to those that use a wheelchair or mobility scooter. They differ from other types of accessibility options like stairlifts by allowing the user to ascend or descend while remaining in their wheelchair. Wheelchair lifts in Australia can be installed in residential premises to make it easier to get around stairs and porches, or in an office or public space, which by law must be physically accessible to all individuals under their own mobility. In many cases, a wheelchair lift may be more suitable and cost-effective than ramps. At P. R. King & Sons we can help you find and install anything from commercial lifts for your office complex to portable lifts for events.

    A wheelchair platform lift to cross any obstacle

    There are two main types of platform lifts: vertical and incline. A vertical wheelchair platform lift is often the preferred option to transit between two levels, such as up or down a porch or ascending different floors. As they can be fitted into almost any building or space without requiring structural changes they are often installed retroactively in buildings that were not designed for a traditional commercial lift.

    An inclined platform lift allows the user to ascend an incline. Often this type of wheelchair platform lift is installed alongside a set of stairs. Most models travel up and down on a railing parallel to the barrier, however, this means the weight capacity is dictated by the surrounding structure. Our own inclinator wheelchair lift models travel on a rail set on dedicated concrete foundations, allowing them to be installed virtually anywhere.

    The best brands of lifts from all over the world

    P. R. King & Sons offers the widest range of wheelchair lifts in Australia. Along with our own inclinator platform lift model that is built right here in Marrickville, we have products from world-renowned manufacturers like Stannah, Terry, Garaventa and Raloe. Our products allow you to find exactly the right lift for your needs. Every wheelchair lift is specially designed to provide greater accessibility and mobility, and with a range of models, you can find one that’s not only fit for purpose but looks great as well. Use our lift finder to narrow down the options you are interested in and we’ll be happy to give you a free quote.

    Wheelchair lift servicing and aftercare

     Even a lightly used indoor home lift needs regular maintenance and upkeep. Regular maintenance helps to ensure the longevity of a lift so, not only will you catch potential issues before they become a problem but your lift will last longer. P. R. King & Sons offer a comprehensive lift maintenance service for both home and commercial customers, even if you didn’t buy your wheelchair lift from us. Get in touch for more information about our service agreements.

    100 years of experience

     Few providers of wheelchair lifts in Australia can claim to have as much experience as P. R. King & Sons. We pride ourselves on excellence and have done so since 1920 – over 100 years. We care that you are satisfied at each step and from the beginning, we make sure we take the time to understand and meet our customer’s requirements. When you work with us you get exactly the right wheelchair lifts to keep your home or business accessible, safe and stylish. For high-quality wheelchair lifts in Australia and excellent service all the way from quoting to maintenance, contact us at P. R. King & Sons today.

    Benefits of Wheelchair Lifts

    • Improve access in buildings where a traditional vertical lift, stairlift or ramp is not suitable.
    • Nominal structural modifications are required for most platform lifts.
    • Customisable features and finishes to suit aesthetics and specific requirements.
    • Transport awkward loads safely and easily between floors.
    • Very low running costs.
    • Generally far more affordable than a traditional vertical lift.
    • Ensures public spaces are compliant and accessible for all.
    • Wheelchair platform lifts available for straight and curved stairs, indoors or outdoors.
    Wheelchair Lift Products

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