Home Lifts – What Are The Benefits?

Home lift with open door

Why have home lifts and residential elevators become so popular in recent years? We explore the rising trend.

An increasing number of Aussie homeowners are choosing to install lifts in their homes, and people aged between 45+ are the most common purchasers. Home lifts were once seen as an expensive and extravagant feature reserved for the very rich. But those days are gone with home lifts becoming increasingly common in suburban Australian homes. More architects and designers are specifying them as a standard inclusion in new builds, while an increasing number of home renovators are adding “home lift” to the must-have list. So, why have home lifts become so popular and what are there benefits?

Staircase and lounge room inside home

Property prices

Australia’s property prices and availability of land is one of the major reasons the demand for residential lifts has increased so much. Blocks of land are getting smaller, meaning more houses are being built up rather than out so that homeowners can still maintain the large amount of space they desire. Additionally, there are less blocks available meaning more people are choosing to future proof their existing homes so they can safely and comfortable age in place rather than try to find a new home that suits their needs.


Carrying large items or awkward loads up the stairs is never fun. It can be tiring, hard, and most of all dangerous. A lift provides an efficient and convenient solution to transport goods with ease, including shopping, luggage, prams, laundry, rubbish, and more.

Safety for the Whole Family

Accidents on the stairs are common and a fall or stumble can happen to anyone, no matter what their age, fitness, or ability. The addition of a home lift provides a safe alternative to the stairs for family and friends. A home lift can also be useful for four-legged friends, with lifts often useful for pets who struggle climbing up and down the stairs.

Increases Property Value

Installing a lift in your home not only means you can enjoy the convenience and luxury it affords while you’re living in the home, it also increases the value of your property if you decide to sell. A home lift is an attractive feature that can be sold as a benefit to nearly all potential buyers. Additionally, it means the house will be attractive to a larger pool of house hunters who may otherwise be deterred by the stairs or accessibility issues.

Age in Place

You purchase your dream home. You raise a family there. You make memories there. You want it to be your forever home. But then the stairs become a little more difficult to climb and they become the part of the house you dread. Don’t let stairs force you out of the home you love. A lift will future proof your home so you can enjoy safe and convenient travel at all stages of life and age comfortably in place.

Customisable Designs

Home lifts today are not only more affordable than they’ve ever been but they are also extremely customisable with wide range of styles and finishes available. Every one of home lifts is fully customisable so you can create something that fits in seamlessly with your residence.



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